The literal meaning of Airdrop means “knocked out of the air”. It is a term widely used in humanitarian operations that toss donations from planes to incessible regions affected by natural disasters or wars.

In the context of the cryptocurrency market, this term means: “give away free” cryptocurrencies that will soon be launched. That is, before the developers launch their digital currency on the market, a promotion is created where they give users an amount of cryptocurrencies, just that they (users) register on the crypto platform that is distributing the Airdrop in question.

Do these freely distributed coins have value?

Yes, coins have value. Many people think that just because the coins were distributed free of charge, they imagine that they are worthless. However, these coins are usually distributed before sale as a way to promote and publicize the project. Only a small percentage of the coins are made available for free to an airdrop, the rest are offered for sale.

How to participate in Airdrops?

To get coins in the airdrops you usually have to do small tasks such as joining a Telegram chat group or following a Twitter account, among other tasks. After receiving the coins you can leave the channels.

In most cases, airdrops are ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum platform. Therefore, you must have at least one Ethereum wallet address with token support. There are also regularly airdrops for wallet holders: Waves, XLM, NEO etc.

The most frequently used social networks in airdrops are: E-mail address, we recommend that you create a new e-mail to use in airdrops. Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Instagram among others.

To earn great rewards work hard, produce content, just so you will stand out in the market!

Which wallets should I use?

Each airdrop will indicate you a platform to receive, the most used are Ethereum (erc20), Stellar lumens, etc.


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Stellar Wallet


You shouldn't know much, but some coins today, which are worth a lot of money, have already had an Airdrop, such as Decred (DCR).

(DCR) was the most successful Airdrop to date! In the year of its launch, the developers presented each user with 258 DCR. That was in 2015. At the time, each unit of the currency was worth about $ 0.05 cents. Until the closing of this post, each unit of this crypto was trading at US $ 65.31 - according to information from CoinmarketCap.


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